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Vegas Backpage is not your destination for high end escortsDon't Make That Mistake

So, you're heading out to Vegas and you know you want to book yourself an escort. Now that you have that set in your mind, the next step is to actually go out and book an escort. But where in the world are you suppose to go to hire such an individual? Calling information on your phone probably isn't a great way to do it (is that still a thing?), and poking around some of the review sites you find online really isn't the best way to do this either. You'll probably just end up in a random strip club on the other side of town with a handful of white supremacists eyeing you up and down, waiting for you to say just the wrong thing before breaking out into a bar fight (hey, it could happen). Whenever dealing with something like this, you need to know where to go and how to go about it. Naturally, you might automatically turn to Vegas Backpage, but we are here to tell you that isn't a great idea.

Picture Says it All

Here's the thing about Backpage. There's no gurantee. You don't really know what you're going to get or what will show up at your door. You wouldn't buy your next vehicle based on a blurry photograph you saw online that shows no details and has parts of the image blacked out with Sharpie, would you? Just look at those pictures on Backpage. It's like the same guy snapping quick shots of Big Foot or the Lock Ness Monster has relocated to capture escort pics in Vegas.

The picture is the selling point for just about anything. Whoever coined the term "a picture is worth a thousand words" really had something with that one (probably it was a student who didn't do his book report, gave his opinion off of the cover, the teacher asked why he didn't read the book and he responded with "hey, a picture is worth a thousand words"...that's like a 16th century mic drop right there). But seriously, if the pictures are lacking, if parts of their face are blurred out or if there is anything amiss with it, you need to avoid it like the plague, because let's face it, there's a chance you might come down with that as well with some of these escorts.

Speaking of the Plague

You just don't know the health of these Backpage Vegas escorts. Without getting into too much detail, it often is a crap shoot. However, when going with a top of the line service provider, this is all guaranteed. The best of the best work for these services and they do need to pass all sorts of tests and screenings to make sure they are able to uphold their position. Backpage escorts in Las Vegas just need to hire the UFO picture dude, toss up the blurry image online and call it a day. Don't be the guy who picks up that girl.

Get What You Pay For

But, but, but, they are so cheap!!! This congers up a scene with Homer Simpson, shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu, the shop keep, sees a package of meat is well over a year expired. So he blocks out the date with a pen and discounts the price. Homer walks in, sees it and screams "Woohooo! Cheap Meat!" Ended up in the hospital. The moral of the story is you get what you pay for. It's also a bit more aligned with the Backpage Las Vegas escorts than you think. These individuals are often well past their prime, use a marker to blot out the evidence, and when you see them listed on Las Vegas Backpage, your proclaim "Woohoo! Cheap Meat." Cheap meat is no good. Go with the top of the line. Trust us.