Kandi Is The call girl in vegas To Make You Look Good

I Love Fulfilling Fantasies

So it’s been a while since I updated my profile. But let’s face it, not a lot has changed since the last time. I’m having such a great time in Las Vegas. And being an escort is a lot more fun then I imagined. You should have seen the guy that took me to see Aerosmith and then out dancing for back to his room for some romance. Wow! I love my job.

I love the attention I get from my dates, the more I get, the more I give. Many men love to take me out on the town to make their friends envious, and it never fails. It’s a bit hard to hide my assets in a sexy bikini, as you can tell from my photo. When I get all dressed up for a nice date, I am all style and class. You never have to worry when I am on your arm, you know for a fact I’ll be going home to your hotel with you tonight, no matter who is trying to compete with you for my attention. I am with you alone, and you will surely be the winner tonight!

Thinking about why I am called Kandi, I have to say yes, I can be very sweet, but I am not all that innocent, to be honest. If you want me to be hot for you, I can be very, very hot for you. Sometimes you may be in the mood to keep our passion for each other a secret until later in the night when we are alone, your wish is my command, sweetie. Just tell me how to please you and I am there! Many Las Vegas call girls have no idea what to do with a man of class and style. I am the woman with a sense of formality and proper attitude when we are out and about, but when I get you alone in your hotel…. that’s a whole different affair! Just let your imagination run wild because I have all that to offer and more. Give me a call right now so we can talk about what you want, and how you want it to be.