My Favorite Vacation Spot

I’m Going Back To Miami!

Hey guys. I wanted to tell you all about the exciting fact that I have decided to go back to school in the Miami area, and my Las Vegas bosses here have given me the go ahead to let you all know that I can be found as one of the Miami Beach escorts for the next few months! I have decided to go to my hometown for schooling and then move back to Vegas again when the semester has ended. After that, we shall see! Since I am going for an entertainment degree, I believe I can incorporate what I learn into my job at both locations.

So, if you are going to be visiting Florida at all in the future, please look me up as I intend to be one of the best South Best escorts out there! Luckily, I have several friends in the circuit in Miami, so I already feel as if I fit right in with the other escorts in Miami. I know the places guys love to go in the area, so I already have that part covered. Since I grew up in the area, it will be very easy for me to be a Miami escort since I am well aware of which spots are in and which to stay away from.

Stripping At Its Best

I am not only intending on being an escort in Miami, but I am going to be on of the Miami strippers you would hire for bachelor parties or personal viewing pleasure. This is going to be great! I love surprises, so having a group of guys enlist me to be the entertainment for their groom-to-be friend is right up my alley. I will not only being doing private parties, but I will also be doing private performances for single watchers. If you want to see me without clothing, this is your chance!

I never went to this extreme here in Vegas strip clubs, but once I get used to be one of the strippers in Miami, I intend to bring my knowledge back to Nevada to test out on some of my regular clients here. I am sure if you are one of them, you will be intrigued. So, if you want to try something new, and if you love going to Miami for vacation or business in addition to Vegas, please give me a ring so I can hang out with you in a different setting! I will miss my regulars while I am hanging out with South Beach escorts, so I’d love for you to look me up if you are in the area! Maybe we can try out that stripping thing before I bring it back to Vegas.