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Las Vegas Weekly Stories: Nightlife
  1. Jenna Palmer, Projekt X, VAVO and DJ Capello splash down at the Flamingo.
  2. His off-the-wall style and humor are on display in the new video for his tech house-ish track “Horse,” which captivated Skrillex enough to snag the song for his OWSLA imprint.
  3. The party drew nearly 14,000 guests over the course of its 2018 season, and 2019 appears poised to be even bigger.
  4. “I think I’m kind of like everyone’s lucky rabbit foot,” he says of his sustained success in Vegas. “I was there when people were saying this would never work, one of very few people saying, no, electronic music can work.”
  5. The Roots’ drummer DJs at On the Record and JEMAA this weekend.
  6. Upcoming events include Dillon Francis on May 2, new resident SayMyName on May 3, Galantis on May 4 and Afrojack on May 9.
  7. He was one of the top artists of 2018 on Spotify. On YouTube, even his lowest-performing upload still has an enviable 10 million views.
  8. “I don’t have to stick to one genre all day. All the pool parties are good vibes, positive music, a lot of dance, and then I go into the hip-hop and I like to surprise them with the rock songs. I love open format.”
  9. It’s no surprise that the two renovated and rebranded properties that continue to generate all the big buzz in Las Vegas—Park MGM and the Palms—both made it a priority to develop a new dayclub experience.
  10. The SBE nightclub and lounge will be replaced by a new concept this winter.
  11. It’s the perfect pre- or post-show meeting spot if you’re hitting the Chelsea or catching Opium, but it packs plenty of its own programming, too.
  12. “On my records, up until now, it’s always been, ‘I’m a DJ and this should be fun, so let’s come up with a cool beat and someone write a riff.’ This is the first time it’s not like that. It’s more about, ‘Let’s start with something that has emotional resonance, then figure out what the right beat is for it.’
  13. The former Alex restaurant space will become Delilah in spring 2020.
  14. KAOS is an instant success, because it builds on everything that’s come before it.
  15. Her serene, uplifting music she creates has been classified as deep house or indie dance, and those unique sonic sensibilities have propelled her up the ranks on the festival circuit, including one of her biggest gigs yet at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival last month.
  16. Reggaeton favorite J Balvin is a KAOS resident artist and a big part of opening weekend, best known for his ubiquitous 2017 hit “Mi Gente,” which famously topped the charts when Beyoncé jumped on the remix.
  17. Also, Temptation Sundays, the longest-running gay pool party in Las Vegas, returns for its 10th season on May 12.
  18. There’s a bit of a rush that comes with making the song selection for the entire room, not unlike the feeling when your song comes up on the jukebox or when you take the mic at karaoke.
  19. “The technology in the space will blow you away. When you incorporate the talent, art, sound capability, all of the LED and all of the entertainment options, it’s an incredible experience.”
  20. “It sounds dumb, but it’s easy to forget something when you’re coming to Vegas. We’ve got guys coming in wearing a full suit … They literally need shirt, shoes, everything.”